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High Quality Pet Foods

Proper nutrition greatly enhances the quality of life for pets and people alike. When selecting products at Bark Place we stress quality and digestibility of the food or treats. All ingredients in the foods we carry have a sound nutritional reason for being there. We won’t stock foods made with ingredients of poor nutritional quality such as meat by-products, anonymous meats artificial preservatives, sugars, or coloring agents.


At Bark Place our goal is to educate ourselves and the community about the power of nutrition. We offer a variety of brands and types of food. We carry dry, canned, dehydrated and freeze dried for you to choose from. We tailor our products to ensure quality and value.

We strive to find quality products and supplies, locally and USA made, along with competitive pricing. We are continually researching products to find the best for your pets needs.

If you are unsure about the quality of the pet food, one of our favorite resources for information is Dog Food Advisor. The website is designed to help you make informed decisions when shopping for dog food. And while, they only list dog food, many of the same companies listed also provide cat food.


Bark Place stands by every pet food and treat we carry. If for any reason you or your pet isn't completely satisfied with the food or treats purchased, simply return it to Bark Place. We will offer you a substitute that meet your needs or refund your money.

Products and Availability

Below is a list of brands Bark Place currently offers. We have a select number of products from each brand, so call us first to ensure we have the specific product you require.

If we don’t carry a food or treat you want, we will work to place a special order for you with no extra charge. If the product you want is available, Bark Place will order and have the product ready when you need it.

Our List of Favorite Brands:

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Collars, Harnesses and Leashes

Bark Place is as concerned about your dogs’ safety as you are. The type of collar or harness and leash used, can be the difference in ensuring your pet is protected. There are different collars and leashed used for different types of dogs and varying situations.

Bark place carries for the following products based on your pets needs, including quality brands like Premier, Planet Dog, and Flexi.


Quick Release Clasp and Buckle

Collars with metal buckles or quick release clasps are available in a variety of materials, colors and styles. Quick release collar are safer, if you are using it to carry your dogs contact information. In a situation where you need to remove a dogs collar quickly, such as when two dogs hook collars by accident, the quick release collar, can easily be unsnapped. Buckle (metal) collars may be used for stronger dogs, if attaching a leash, as quick release clasps tend to be less sturdy. Buckle collars should always be removed when dogs are playing. However it is important that the collar be tight enough so as to not slip over the head, when a dog is backing up. For walking dogs, the preference would be a Martingale collar, Head collar or Front Leading harness (see below). These collars are best used to attach a name tag with your current contact information as well as rabies vaccinations.

Head Collar

Head collars or halters slightly resemble muzzles, and very effective. These halters act more like harnesses for the head and are intended to help train a dog to walk on a leash and heel. When a dog pulls on the leash, the halter will cause the head to turn. When used properly, head collars can successfully discourage pulling and support other training. Head halters should not be left on unattended dog or dogs on a very long lead, as they may be able to back out of some types of head collars.

More information about collars and pictures can be found at


Also know as a limited slip collar or Greyhound collar, Martingale collars are used to prevent dogs from slipping out of collars while walking on a leash. A Martingale collar is a preferred collar when walking a dog. Though the collars tighten with a tug of the leash, there is a stopping mechanism to prevent complete closure on the neck. These collars are especially suited for sighthounds, but can be uses on most dog breeds, especially those with smaller heads. For safety reasons, Martingale collars should be removed when dogs are playing, as they pose a strangulation hazard.

Chain Slip and Prong Collars

Upon request, Bark Place can special order Chain Slip and Prong collars.

Chain Slip collars, also referred to as choke chains, are intended for training purposes only. Bark Place does not recommend this type of because they could damage your dog's neck. If you do choose to get a choke chain for your dog, learn how to use it properly. Chain slip collars should be used with caution and never be left on your dog when unattended or during play time with other dogs, as they pose a strangulation hazard.

Prong collars may look scary, but they are a good choice for training purposes for stronger and more stubborn dogs. Like the chain slip collars, metal prong collars should be used with caution and never be left on your dog when unattended or during play time with other dogs.


Traditional (Back Pulling)

Traditional harnesses are designed for placement around a dog’s chest and abdomen, crossing over the back. A leash can be attached to the top of the harness. These types of harnesses are used for dogs with a tendency to pull, because they put no pressure on the neck. However, many believe this type of harness only encourage pulling and that leash-and-collar training should be enforced. Harnesses are ideal for dogs with medical problems in the neck and airway and some small breeds.

Front Leading

Traditional harnesses can actually encourage dogs to pull harder because of the “opposition reflex.”  That’s the reflex that makes sled dogs do what they do. Use of a front leading harness like the Easy Walk Harness' unique front-chest leash attachment stops pulling by tightening slightly across your dog's chest and shoulder blades. The gentle pressure steers your dog to the side and redirecting his attention back towards you. The Easy Walk Harness doesn’t cause coughing, gagging, or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone, not on the delicate tracheal area.


Bark Place carries a simple selection of 4 or 6 foot leads in Leather (Premier), Hemp (Planet Dog), or nylon (varies).

As a convenience to our customers we also carry Flexi brand Extended- leashes, tape only. While the tape only model provides an additional level of safety over the cord type model, we highly recommend learning about the best way to use this type of leash, particularly in an urban environment. We are happy to provide tips and best practices. Please talk to one of our associated for assistance.


Staying Fresh

As pet care professionals, we understand the importance of keeping your pets and home clean and smelling fresh – that’s why we’re here to help! We take the guesswork out so you can rest assured that your furry friend is being properly pampered!

Bark Place carries a high-quality selection of products and accessories for dogs and cats. We strive to provide many natural, earth-friendly products as well as those made in the USA such as Earthbath, Nature’s Specialties and TropliClean.

Choose from our healthy supplements & snacks for your dog’s joints, teeth, skin and coat.

Cleaning up after your pet may not be a pleasant experience, but we make it more convenient and stylish with biodegradable waste bags and accessories and natural cat litter.

Keeping Fit

Keep your pet healthy! Pets in urban environments are exposed to the same harsh conditions as humans and therefore need extra protection to maintain a long and healthy life.

Whether it’s canned pumpkin to encourage a healthy digestive system, supplements to help arthritis, natural flea & tick prevention, or daily pro-biotics – we’ve got your pet covered from head to tail!

We offer great excellent brands like PetKelp, Overby Farms, Fruitables, Natural Defense and more!

Having Fun

Often, dogs who exhibit poor behavior have lots of pent up energy and no way to let loose. Toys can help re-direct dogs to healthy behaviors, use up excess energy, and create an opportunity for you and your best friend to form a closer bond.

Bark Place carries a vast selection of toys including well thought-of products from companies including Kong, Chuck-It, West Paw and Safe Pet. Whether it’s a nice soft squeaky plush, a floating flying disk, or a challenging treat puzzle – we’ve got you covered!